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            ARENA EVENTS

Gordon and Rita have strived to make the arena a place for you and your family to enjoy!    



 Size: 130 X 210 arena floor

Seating:  Bleachers

Type:  Completely enclosed with 60 X 140 warm-up pen  connected to the main arena 

Arena Walls:  Corral panels

Ground:  Dirt

Concessions:  Restaurant-style viewing arena floor

Parking:  Graveled pads

Number of Stalls: 125 stalls

Wash racks: yes

RV Hookups: 28 electric and water hookups with reserved parking around the arena

Rooms:  2 overnight rooms available for guests

Extra features:  Laser barrel/pole positioning system

                                 Enclosed warm-up pen

The arena features a restaurant with a view to the arena events, an overlook, two overnight rooms, announcer's stand, common's area with television, and restrooms.

Visit the Feed Room!  A great sandwich selection that includes hamburgers, hotdogs, pulled pork, and walking tacos.  If a sandwich is not what you are hungry for, try the plate lunch of the day consisting of a meat and two vegetables.  And be sure to check out the great desserts!

               Arena Activities

Monday:  Lessons

Tuesday:  Roping Practice by appointment only

Wednesday:  Lessons

Thursday:  10 am to 8 pm -  Open Arena Barrels and Poles  

                      $10 per horse  

Friday:  Lessons

Saturday:  Call for arena availability for events